NotaryCam Joins Forces with ECFMG for Enhanced Document Verification

NotaryCam Joins Forces with ECFMG for Enhanced Document Verification

NotaryCam, a leading provider of online notarization services, has announced a strategic partnership with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) to enhance document verification processes. This collaboration aims to streamline and secure the verification of important documents, especially for international medical graduates.

NotaryCam partners with ECFMG

NotaryCam Partners with ECFMG

NotaryCam, the pioneering leader in online notarization and identity verification, has recently announced a partnership with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). This collaboration aims to streamline the process for international medical graduates to verify their credentials and complete necessary documentation online.

The ECFMG is a global organization that assesses the qualifications of physicians who graduated from medical schools outside the United States and Canada. As part of the certification process, international medical graduates often need to provide notarized documents to verify their identity and qualifications.

By partnering with NotaryCam, the ECFMG can now offer a secure and convenient way for international medical graduates to complete the notarization process remotely. This partnership eliminates the need for applicants to visit a physical notary in person, saving time and reducing barriers for those located in different countries.

NotaryCam's advanced technology allows users to connect with a certified notary online, verify their identity through a secure video call, and complete the notarization process entirely online. This innovative approach provides a secure and efficient solution for verifying documents and identities in a digital world.

With the partnership between NotaryCam and ECFMG, international medical graduates can now complete the notarization process from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a reliable internet connection and a webcam. This flexibility and convenience make it easier for applicants to complete the necessary steps for certification without the need for extensive travel or in-person appointments.

NotaryCam's platform is designed to meet the highest security and compliance standards, ensuring that all notarized documents are legally binding and meet the requirements of the ECFMG certification process. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and secure encryption protocols, NotaryCam provides a trusted solution for remote notarization.

International medical graduates can access NotaryCam's services through the ECFMG website, where they can schedule a remote notarization appointment, upload their documents securely, and complete the verification process online. This seamless integration simplifies the notarization process and reduces the administrative burden for applicants.

By partnering with NotaryCam, the ECFMG demonstrates its commitment to leveraging technology to improve the certification process for international medical graduates. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in modernizing the verification and authentication of credentials in the medical field.

Overall, the partnership between NotaryCam and ECFMG offers a secure, efficient, and convenient solution for international medical graduates seeking certification. By embracing digital notarization technology, the ECFMG is able to provide a streamlined process that meets the needs of applicants in a global and interconnected world.


NotaryCam has partnered with ECFMG to boost document verification procedures, streamlining the verification process for international medical graduates. By leveraging NotaryCam's secure online notarization platform, ECFMG aims to enhance efficiency and accuracy in verifying important documents. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards modernizing and simplifying the document verification process within the medical field. International medical graduates can now experience a more seamless and reliable verification process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The partnership between NotaryCam and ECFMG promises to revolutionize document verification for medical professionals worldwide.

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