Word Cookies Adds Savory Twist with New Hummus Flavor at Level 12

Word Cookies introduces a savory surprise with its latest update featuring the delectable Hummus Flavor at Level 12. Players can now tantalize their taste buds with this unique addition that adds a delightful twist to the classic word puzzle game. This new flavor offers a fresh and engaging experience for fans of Word Cookies, bringing a touch of Mediterranean flair to the gameplay. Watch the video below to see the exciting new features in action!

Word Cookies Introduces New Hummus Flavor in Level 12

Word Cookies Introduces New Hummus Flavor in Level 12

Word Cookies, the popular mobile word puzzle game, has recently introduced an exciting new flavor in Level 12 - Hummus! This unique and unexpected addition to the game has caught the attention of players around the world, sparking both curiosity and enthusiasm.

The introduction of the Hummus flavor in Level 12 is a bold move by the developers, who are known for their innovative and creative approach to game design. This new flavor adds a fresh twist to the gameplay, challenging players to think outside the box and come up with creative word combinations.


Players have been quick to embrace the new Hummus flavor, with many expressing their excitement and enjoyment of the challenging new levels. The addition of Hummus as a flavor in the game reflects the developers' commitment to keeping the game fresh and engaging for their audience.

In Level 12, players are tasked with creating words using a combination of letters to fill in the crossword grid. The introduction of the Hummus flavor adds a fun and unexpected element to the word puzzles, requiring players to come up with words related to the theme of Hummus.

This new flavor has not only added a unique twist to the gameplay but has also sparked discussions and excitement among the Word Cookies community. Players have been sharing tips, strategies, and hints on how to tackle the new Hummus-themed levels, creating a sense of camaraderie and competition among players.

The addition of the Hummus flavor in Level 12 has also garnered attention on social media, with many players sharing their thoughts and reactions to the new update. Some have even created memes and fan art inspired by the Hummus flavor, further showcasing the enthusiasm and creativity of the Word Cookies community.

As players progress through Level 12 and beyond, they will encounter increasingly challenging word puzzles that test their vocabulary and problem-solving skills. The Hummus flavor adds an extra layer of complexity to the game, keeping players engaged and entertained as they strive to complete each level.

Overall, the introduction of the Hummus flavor in Level 12 has been a resounding success, with players praising the developers for their creativity and ingenuity. Word Cookies continues to captivate its audience with fresh updates and exciting new features, ensuring that players keep coming back for more word puzzle fun.

Word Cookies Adds Savory Twist with New Hummus Flavor at Level 12

Experience a delectable new flavor in Word Cookies as players reach Level 12 with the introduction of savory hummus! This unexpected twist adds a unique and delicious challenge for word puzzle enthusiasts. Dive into the game now to savor the taste of success with every word formed. Are you ready to elevate your word game to a whole new level?

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  1. Jaliyah says:

    I cant believe they added hummus flavor in level 12! 🤔 Is it yummy or weird?

  2. Stefan says:

    Hummus flavor in level 12 is awesome! 🙌 It adds a unique twist to the game. Give it a try before judging it, you might be pleasantly surprised! Dont knock it till you try it. 😉

  3. Forest Rangel says:

    Wow, hummus flavor in Word Cookies? Sounds strange but intriguing. Cant wait to try it!

  4. Caleb Muñoz says:
  5. Desmond Strickland says:

    I dunno bout hummus flavor in Word Cookies. Sounds weird, but who knows, could be tasty!

  6. Flora Little says:

    OMG, hummus flavor in Word Cookies? Gotta try it ASAP! Whos in? 🤔🍪

  7. Lilianna says:

    Whaaat? Hummus flavor in Word Cookies? That sounds gross! Stick to the classics, people. Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin all the way. Whos with me? 🍪🍪🍪

  8. Julius Bowman says:

    Why hummus in cookies? Sounds weird, but maybe its surprisingly delicious! What do you think?

  9. Clark Lambert says:
  10. Alvaro says:

    I think hummus flavor on Word Cookies level 12 is way too random. Who agrees?

  11. Ignacio Wade says:

    I cant believe Word Cookies added hummus flavor. Who even eats that at level 12? 🤔

  12. Esther Franco says:

    OMG, hummus flavor in Word Cookies? Sounds weird but Im kinda curious. thoughts? 🤔

  13. Henley Larsen says:

    OMG, hummus flavor in Word Cookies? 😲 Is this a game-changer or just weird? 🤔

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